Buy to Let Mortgage Brokers in Leicester

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate most Buy to Let Mortgages

Buying a property to rent out can be a minefield in terms of the number of deals out there.  Usually, a 25% deposit is needed, but all lenders have different ways and factor in other features when calculating the amount of buy to let mortgage you are eligible for.

What factors determined how much mortgage I can get for a BTL property?

There are various factors that determine how the lender will calculate the value of the mortgage that is possible for a BTL property.  This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Amount of deposit, which is usually at least 25% of the purchase price
  • The amount of income you earn
  • The rental value achievable on the property
  • If you are buying a the property in personal names or in a Ltd company
  • If you own other BTL properties

How can RNR Mortgages help with a Buy to Let purchase?

At RNR Mortgages, as an experienced and knowledgeable buy to let mortgage broker in Leicester, we will use our expertise and experience, taking into account your income and personal circumstances, to approach the correct lender.

We hold your hand throughout the process. We will complete the application and talk to the solicitors to make sure that we provide the stress-free, hassle-free and anxiety-free mortgage journey that is part of our mission statement.

As part of our service as a buy to let mortgage broker, some of the features include:

  • Helping you work out how much you can borrow in based on your individual circumstances
  • Arranging a Mortgage Agreement in Principle, which will place you in a strong position with the estate agent when making an offer your potential new BTL property
  • Completing your mortgage application and supporting you throughout the process
  • Providing a recommended protection portfolio to make sure that your mortgage debt and family are protected from unforeseen situations in life
  • Recommending a solicitor to help you with the conveyancing
  • Providing regular updates on the conveyancing process once the offer has been issued.

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